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Concurrent retinoblastoma and morning glory disc anomaly in a 9 month old baby: a case report
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Morning glory disc anomaly


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Nyabuga B, Njambi L, Kimani K. (2023). Concurrent retinoblastoma and morning glory disc anomaly in a 9 month old baby: a case report. The Journal of Ophthalmology of Eastern, Central and Southern Africa, 15(01). Retrieved from


Concurrent occurrence of retinoblastoma and other ocular anomalies is rare. Appearance of leukocoria in the
other eye usually signals bilateral disease although this is not always the case. This emphasises the need of
careful examination always. We present a case of retinoblastoma and morning glory disc anomaly in a baby.
Both conditions had leukocoria in each eye, which was noted at different stages of the clinical evaluation.
Although our patient did not have other associated features, this scenario requires distinct multi- disciplinary
approach for management of each of the conditions and any accompanying clinical disorders.

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