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Argon laser for subhyaloid retinal haemorrhage: a case report
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Argon Laser
Subhyloid haemorrhage
Pre-retinal haemorrhage


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Kanji R, Ruvuma S, Kwaga T, Wiaffe G, Soliman A, Tuswingwire P, Arunga S. (2023). Argon laser for subhyaloid retinal haemorrhage: a case report. The Journal of Ophthalmology of Eastern, Central and Southern Africa, 15(01). Retrieved from


To present a case of severe pre-retinal haemorrhage that was treated with Argon laser posterior hyaloidotomy.
A 30-year-old female, non-diabetic and non-hypertensive patient presented with sudden painless loss of vision
in the left eye and no history of trauma. Her vision was counting fingers in that eye. Retinal imaging showed
severe pre-retinal haemorrhage over the macular area. Argon laser posterior hyaloidotomy was immediately
performed. Blood drained inferiorly into the vitreous cavity with clearance of the premacular area. Her vision
improved to 6/9 within 30 minutes. Neglect of early intervention for preretinal haemorrhage with the Argon
laser leads to complications such as vision loss and prolonged time for visual recovery. Argon laser hyaloidotomy
is a viable option for prompt vision recovery.

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