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The clinical presentation and outcome of Mooren’s ulcer at Ruharo Eye Centre, Southwestern Uganda; a hospital based retrospective study
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Kavuma D, Arunga S. (2023). The clinical presentation and outcome of Mooren’s ulcer at Ruharo Eye Centre, Southwestern Uganda; a hospital based retrospective study. The Journal of Ophthalmology of Eastern, Central and Southern Africa, 15(01). Retrieved from


Objective: To describe the clinical presentation, management, and treatment outcomes of Mooren’s ulcer
in Uganda.

Methods: We reviewed records of all patients diagnosed with Mooren’s ulcer at Ruharo Eye Centre
from January 2013 to December 2015. We collected data from fifty-two patient charts on demographic
characteristics, history and presenting complaints, eye affected, clinical presentation, modes of medical
and surgical treatment, and post treatment visual acuity.

Results: The median age was 24.5 years (IQR 16.5 years). The ratio of males to females was 8:1. Thirty two
(82.1%) patients presented with pain, 13 (33.3%) with redness, and 10 (25.7%) with tearing. Forty seven
(90.4%) patients had unilateral disease. Four (80%) of those with bilateral disease were aged 30 years and
above while one (20%) was below 30 years. Twenty nine (55.8%) of the patients received only medical
treatment and 23 (44.2%) received various forms of surgical management. Forty one (78.8%) still had
active ulceration on their last review date, 7 (13.5%) perforated after admission, 3 (5.8%) of the patients
were marked as healed on their last review date, and one (1.92%) was eviscerated. At the last follow up,
most patients ended with worse visual acuity (n=21, 40.4%) while 20 (38.5%) had no change and only 11
(21.2%) improved.

Conclusion: This primary study provided background information on presentation of Mooren’s ulcer in
Uganda; our data indicated that younger males were the most affected group; severe disease occurred in
older patients.

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